About Us

Our passion is helping others succeed. Our mission is to make you the master of your time. When businesses are lead by owners and executives who are free to create and do amazing things, it makes the world a better place for all of us.

Before founding Alight, I worked in corporate at a company called Cessna Aircraft. One of the things I loved best about that company was their philosophy that every person who interacted with them in any capacity was family. We reverently referred to ourselves as Cessnans and considered ourselves part of “The Cessna Family”. Despite having left the company, and having founded one of my own, I am and will always remain a Cessnan at heart. This sense of community and the impact it had on the work we did stuck with me.

Alight was founded on similar principles and ideals: standing for something bigger than just myself or the company. If you haven’t read our manifesto yet, I encourage you to have a look at it here. Alight’s mission is to make you the master of your time, but it also stands for even larger ideals: freedom, mankind, community, relationships, honesty, integrity, inspiration, imagination, vision, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

While trying to come up with a name to encompass all of that – the word alight popped into my head. After Googling it – I ran across the following definition:

The word alight has two distinct meanings: coming down or settling (as in to perch) and to poetically describe something that’s on fire (“afire”).

The word alight’s two distinct grammatical forms and meanings come from its two distinct beginnings in the Old English. That period’s word ālīhtan had an original meaning of dismounting, or lightening the load on the horse, and so is the ancestor of the verb we use today that means “to settle or perch.” Meanwhile, the word onlīhtan of that same time meant to be on fire, which became our adjectival use of the word.

I had found the perfect name and still believe we couldn’t have picked a better one to encompass what we are doing here at Alight: lightening your load and lessening your burdens while giving you the freedom to light the world on fire.

If that piques your interest or if our ideals resonate with yours – we invite you to become a part of the Alight family. Join our private online community where you can share with other members, learn something new in online classes, or reach out to us for advice or help with whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Welcome to the family.

Jamie Patterson-Kaulmann
Founder / CEO