Jamie Patterson-Kaulmann
Founder, Alight Business Solutions

They say life passions are formed in the first 5 years of life. For Jamie, who grew up cutting her teeth on computers, this is especially true. In the early years of life, her mother worked for DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) and her father dragged her along to just about every Atari computer users group out there: computers, technology and gadgets became a passion and a way of life. Some years later, her father took over a family business and Jamie got her entrepreneurial feet wet working her way up through the company in a variety of responsibilities.

Apart from a love for technology, Jamie developed a rather strong wanderlust and a love of all things foreign. She attributes her passion for travel, foreign languages and other cultures to her grandmother, her mother and the toddler years she spent in the care of a spanish speaking babysitter. Like technology, this love affaire with foreign countries became a life-long passion. Jamie studied Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures at Wichita State University, focusing on Spanish. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in 2000 and a Master of Arts in 2001. In 2006, during a life transition, she decided to give living in Belgium a try and studied the Dutch language while there. A death in the family brought her back to her hometown in 2007 and while there she began working for Cessna Aircraft: an experience that would forever change her life.

During her tenure at Cessna, Jamie worked as a project coordinator and cultural/corporate liaison driving a variety of strategic projects while living in Paris (France), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Weil am Rhein / Schopfheim (Germany). In 2013, Jamie made the decision to leave the Cessna family and relocated to Switzerland with her husband and daughter. In 2014, she has come full circle by starting Alight Business Solutions and embarking on a new entrepreneurial adventure.

Founder of Alight
Manager, Regional Parts Distribution
Regional Parts Support Manager and Senior Sales Representative
Project Coordinator, International Service Center Integration
Information Systems Manager

PMI – Project Management Professional (PMP)
Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt
TAP (Change Management) Facilitator
Master of Arts – Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures – Spanish
Bachelor of Arts – Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures
German for Foreigners (B1) / Dutch for foreign speakers (NT2/B2)
PMI – Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) – anticipated 2015

Strategic Thinking & Planning
Project / Process / Quality / Change Management
Marketing & Communications
Training / Curriculum Development
Mediation and Facilitation
Cultural Liaising
Conflict Resolutions